Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to meeee

Today (or yesterday now, depending on your time zone) I'm finally 19! Although its not a very exciting age to turn I had a wonderful birthday. My birthday festivities started with Bethy bringing over homemade chocolate covered strawberries last night, then I got to hang with boy for a couple hours, finished packing around 2 a.m. then woke up around 4, left for the airport at 4:45, plane took off at 7:10 arrived at 10(ish) which is actually 8 a.m. Denver time. Then we grabbed breakfast @Panera and headed for Nordys and Free People at the massive mall here. I shopped till I dropped (literally) then freshened up at the hotel and went to Hibachi with my parents. And nowwwww I'm absolutely exhausted and ready to go hiking in Colorado Springs tomorrow. Here are some pics from my b-day;





1: yummy chocolate covered strawberries from Bethy.
2: picture I snapped with my Iphone as we descended into Denver.
3: my travel outfit selfie; harem pants and grungy chuck taylors.
4: one of many birthday texts I received today that made me smile :)

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