Thursday, July 11, 2013

Aveda Favorites

Aveda Favorites

So as many of you know, I work @ Headliners as a personal assistant to the head stylist there. One of the many reasons I love my job is that we use and sell Aveda products. Aveda not only smells amazing, but the company is eco friendly as well. Here are some of my favorite products that I literally use every single day. 

1. Paddle brush, awesome for tangly hair probs (is that a hashtag yet?)
2. Stress fix body lotion, I have never smelled anything so awesome, I wish they made this scent in a candle.
3. Botanical Kinetics purifying gel cleanser, I can litterally feel the makeup come off my face when I use this, plus it never makes my skin feel to dry afterword.
4. Tourmaline Charged face lotion, this stuff is the real deal. If you have dry skin you won't after using this.
5. Smooth Infusion style prep, I use this when my hair is fresh out of the shower and it makes my hair so much softer and shiny too.
6. Smooth Infusion glossing straitener, I use this on the ends of my hair while blow drying and I don't even need to straiten my hair afterwords.
7. Confixor, put this in your hair after you shower before a towel ever touches it and I promise you will be able to style it just how you want. Its like a liquid gel that gives your hair hold before you even blow dry it.

Aveda Favorites by paige-maccready featuring aveda

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