Sunday, July 7, 2013

14 things necessary for the open road

I've been on the road for about 20 hours (so far) in the past week. These are the absolute necessities for long car rides...
1. good headphones for ipod listening
2. casual chic outfit that can also be worn out to dinner if necessary
3. camelback water bottle 
4. iced coffee/healthy snacks
5. pillow for snoozin
6. camera 
7. anastasia eye brow gel (if nothing else my eyebrows look good)
8. lavender lotion
9. burt's bees
10. cute sunnies
11. brush /hair things (for quick touch ups post napping) 
12. sketch book 
13. money (of course)
14. evian hydrating mist, lord knows you'll need it
Roadtrip Essentials

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