Monday, July 29, 2013

Selling all my clothes~

So it's almost fall, which means back to school shopping and for me, cleaning out my closet. I have a sell pile and a "going to Goodwill" pile. I know a lot of people are doing the same thing right now and I wanted to try out a new way to sell my clothes other than a resale shop or Ebay, so I found Threadflip. It's a new website for buying/selling clothes. They have everything categorized by designers as well as type of product. The website is super easy to use for buying and selling, I listed 3 items already and it took about 10 minutes total. Another great thing about it is when you first join you take a style quiz of what designers you like and it shows you users who have similar tastes as your own and lets you browse their "closet" of items their selling. I think my fav part about the website though is that everyone on their is a clothing lover and not some creepy man from a rando state like South Dakota (cough cough Ebay). Anyways, you can check out the website for yourself here.

Also, once I sell some clothes I will finally have money for back to school clothes shopping, I already have a lust list of what I'm looking to buy that I will be posting soon.

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