Monday, July 1, 2013

TBT (throw back tuesday): Photo 1 Final, self portraits

     So my final exam in Photo 1 was a self portrait series that tells the viewer something about ourselves. I struggled a lot with this assignment to figure out what is was exactly I wanted to do this project on. My obvious first gravitation was "oh I'll do something with fashion" but then considering everything I was going through at the time fashion seemed like a silly idea. These photos ended up being sort of fashiony anyway, but I suppose that will always be in my photos in some way. 
    As I said previously, I had no idea what to do this project on, and having a deadline made this all the more difficult. I ended up just taking my tripod out to Dyson field behind the dorms and clicking away. I ended up doing this project on how alone I had been feeling at the time. The whole quarter I was the most stressed out I had ever been in my life as I had just started taking 2 of my major classes as well as Art History (which I was failing at the time because of the amount of time I put into my other classes). I also was finally allowing myself to feel the weight of being alone and the hole in my heart in which Alex once was. Basically, I wasn't sleeping, I was eating like shit, and I was stressing hard about everything. These pictures are a result of all of that. 

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