Saturday, July 6, 2013

Up north outfit day 1

Literally just got home from up north in Elk Rapids Michigan where my family has a cottage. My parents, brother, Alex and my Aunt and Uncle spent the week eating yummy food, taking lots of pics and sitting on the beach. Now, in about an hour I'm hopping back in the car heading for Upstate New York where my sister works as a camp director at a place called Camp of the Woods in the middle of the beautiful Adirondack mountains. We are heading there in a rush because my brother also got a job there so we (my parents and I) are driving him out there. We are staying in some old little Inn there and hoping to see my sister and do some hiking and what not. So here is one quick post of some of the first night in Elk in which I wore a Free People slip, a Free People bra-lette and a chunky Free People sweater with Steve Madden boots on the beach. Alex took all the lovely photos.

you can find the slip here and the bra here

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