Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dead Flowers Mood Board, fall fashion inspiration

One of our projects in my Intro to Fashion Design class last spring was to create a process book and mood board for a fall and winter collection. I thought I'd post some of the images I used in them as inspiration for this coming fall. My theme was centered around dead flowers. I found the idea of something as delicate as a flower dying to be hauntingly beautiful. "Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it." -Confucius. My color scheme was a silvery gray, dusty lavender, burnt sienna orange and charcoal black. If I were ever to make a collection using this concept it would be full of torn up wrinkled knit shirts, and skirts resembling the texture and feel of a dead flower. It would be accessorized with thick beat up leather belts, cuffs and boots. Below is my final mood board created on photoshop titled "Forgotten Flowers".

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I've been loving all the natural light on my screened in porch lately. I sit out here all the time but never thought to take pictures here, the light is perfect.

leotard; ??
jeans; Joe's
nailpolish; OPI San Francisco collection, Lost On Lombard
rings; Vintage

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

70's style

What I wore to work today. I also got my hair cut/color glazed by amazing hair stylist Alison McGlynn at Headliners. Alison and I always have the exact same taste with hair/fashion/everything. At the beginning of this summer she cut long layers in my hair and put in natural looking highlights. Today she trimmed it up and put in a few shorter face framing layers that look like grown out bangs from the 60's/70's. My dress also happens to look sorta 70's (hence the title of this post). Anyway, this is what I wore while running around town today for Joan.

hair; Alison McGylnn @Headliners
dress; Civvies
sandals; Marc Fisher/Macy's
bag; vintage