Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dead Flowers Mood Board, fall fashion inspiration

One of our projects in my Intro to Fashion Design class last spring was to create a process book and mood board for a fall and winter collection. I thought I'd post some of the images I used in them as inspiration for this coming fall. My theme was centered around dead flowers. I found the idea of something as delicate as a flower dying to be hauntingly beautiful. "Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it." -Confucius. My color scheme was a silvery gray, dusty lavender, burnt sienna orange and charcoal black. If I were ever to make a collection using this concept it would be full of torn up wrinkled knit shirts, and skirts resembling the texture and feel of a dead flower. It would be accessorized with thick beat up leather belts, cuffs and boots. Below is my final mood board created on photoshop titled "Forgotten Flowers".

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