Monday, October 28, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CMPA Photoshop Postcard Assignment

For my CMPA class we had to create a promotional type 2 sided postcard on Photoshop featuring our artwork (or in my case photography). While I'm not super awesome at Photoshop I'm pretty satisfied with how mine turned out. I wanted it too look collaged together but still cohesive and effective in showing who I am as an artist. All the photos in the collage are ones that I have taken either last year or this year.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Layout Project; 5 Stages of Grief/Grunge






Artist Statement:
For this assignment I decided to use the layout of my photos to create a narrative of the 5 stages of grief you go through in a break up. I also incorporated fashion into the project to help tell the story better. For the five stages of grief I chose places and clothing that would be unique to the emotions you experience at the time. I decided to dress Taryn in clothing that incorporated the current fall trend of grunge but tailor it to each individual emotion. For the first stage, Denial, I dressed her in a what I would call a more fun take on grunge and angled her towards the camera in a way that looked uncertain and had her expression evoke a similar attitude. For the second stage, Anger, I took her to an abandoned house where I had her looking angry/frustrated. The next stage is Bargaining. I had a bit more trouble trying to portray this one but ended up using a church as symbol of trying to find hope and change to symbolize bargaining. I then took these 3 images and formed a narrative triptych that starts to tell a story of inner turmoil. The next 2 images I have are representing a more complex stage of grief, Depression. Depression often takes on 2 different forms, loneliness and anxiety. To show loneliness I showed a large run down shed with Taryn at the bottom in the fetal position. For anxiety I wanted a more close up shot of her face in a similar body position to loneliness to compare the two photos and emotions of Depression. The last diptych in my series portraits courage and strength to make up the last stage of grief, Acceptance. I choose to put this series of photos in black and white because I felt that when they were in color, it distracted from the objective of my project which was to tell a story centered around emotion. Overall I am satisfied with how the photos turned out, however I wish fashion could have been a bigger part of the project.