Saturday, September 27, 2014

April Rivers Locke; Eclectic Style Inspiration from a SCAD alum.

While staying in Lacoste, I had the pleasure of meeting April and Taylor Locke; Scad Alumni and owners of the all natural soap brand, Humble Love.
 Upon meeting them, I was immediately in love with April's style and presence. She always came to meals dressed in the most colorful vintage maxi dresses and elegant jewelry. I loved getting to talk to April about where her style comes from and how her Florida roots are the platform for her eclectic looks. 
April and her husband Taylor met at Turner house their freshman year at Scad and the rest is history. She graduated with a degree in Fibers and used to work at Shop Scad in Savannah up until a recent move to Texas. Now Taylor and April have created an organic natural soap brand called Humble Love which they sell at Shop Scad. 

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