Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black&White Film Scans

When I started my black and white film project my concept was originally a lot more broad. I wanted to document youth culture in general. I then narrowed it down and found a concept around my girl-friends. Anyway- these are just a few of many many many rolls of film I shot for this project, hopefully someday soon I will get around to scanning the rest of them. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black and White Final Project: Girl-Friends


Capturing the fleeting moments of relationships between peers and friends has become a recent fascination of mine and was what I chose to depict in this project. 
The way girls relate to one another is a sort of intimacy not found in groups of guy friends. Girls are willing to be vulnerable, sensitive and completely honest with each other. We sleep in the same bed, share each others clothes and hold back each other’s hair after a long night out. We are completely comfortable around each other and there are no walls left up between us. I wanted to capture my relationships to these girls in the realest and most organic way possible, using candid pictures to the portray the genuine emotion of my friendships. 
In the past few years, my girlfriends have become a constant source of comfort during every struggle I have gone through during college. My roommate of two years, Taylor, has become the person I go to and lean on. She has pulled me out from under my covers and helped distract me from whatever was bothering me at the time. I wanted to create an understated autobiographical narrative in this project of Taylor and I’s relationship to show the depth and comfort we find in each other. I tried to capture the ups and downs of our daily life at college through photographing this project. 

From Where I Sit

 For Em


 Lost Balance



 Sunday Morning's

 Text Message


all shot with 35mm black and white film